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Work history

I work for the College of Charleston, caring for and feeding their Exchange implementation.  I'm available for independent part-time consulting, particularly on Microsoft server products like Windows Server, Exchange and Internet Information Server.

Here's my resume.  I've worked or consulted for a long list of companies doing computer work since 1975:


I've been an Audio-Visual (A/V) Geek since sixth grade.  Yes, I was one of the kids that ran the projectors in school.  I also setup, operated and repaired the auditorium sound and lighting systems.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the late Bill Schroeder, who helped my parents buy a decent stereo system in an age when most people had an all-in-one box.  From that, I learned the fundamentals of quality high fidelity sound systems.  I am *not* a "Golden Ears", but learned at an early age how to tell good sound from bad.

I am passionate about DVD and the digital entertainment revolution.

Keeping track of our ever-growing media collection is a big challenge.  Until recently, I maintained a current list of what DVDs we own and want to own using DVD Profiler.  Click here to see the list.

I have since committed to the programs of  They have software to catalog music, movies, books, games, and even comic books.  I decided to use their movies program because it allows inclusion of multiple media types - not just DVD, but VHS tapes (we're slowly phasing these out), Blu-Ray, DivX and whatever else.  The same flexibility holds true for the other programs.

I'm interested in:

I've been married for nearly 30 years to Laura.


I'm a 1989 graduate of Ursinus College, with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management concentration, degree (cum laude).  I was not a traditional student, finishing my degree over a 10 year period, mostly at night.  I simply preferred earning money with computers over the impoverished life of a full-time student!  I attended some other excellent schools along the way: